2017 New Champions Forum aims to grow inclusively in 4th Industrial Revolution

By CGTN's Cui Huiao  

Over 2,000 prominent leaders from politics, business, civil society, academia and arts will convene in northeastern Chinese city of Dalian on June 27-29 for the 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions.
This year's theme is "Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution", which will focus on four thematic tracks, namely, scaling up human-centered technology, leading continuous reinvention, creating sustainable systems, and responding to geo-economic shifts.
David Aikman, the managing director of World Economic Forum. /VCG Photo

David Aikman, the managing director of World Economic Forum. /VCG Photo

David Aikman, the managing director of the World Economic Forum, says the organizers have purposefully positioned the Annual Meeting of New Champions to be the foremost global summit for the next generation of multinational companies.
This means efforts are directed towards the next generation cooperation and how to apply their excellence in technology, science and innovation to solving the challenges that were identified and prioritized at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos in January.
"These are also the companies which are leading the fourth industrial revolution, that are creating the most jobs and that are solving the challenges that our humanity faces," said Aikman.
CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

Established in 2007, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions has become the foremost gathering on science, technology and innovation.
This year's event has attracted some notable figures, including heads of government and ministers of energy and resources, environment, health, since and technology, as well as notable business leaders, including the President of Baidu, the founder of Beijing Mobile Technology, and the founder of Didi Chuxing.