China Energy Revolution: China's first energy revolution pilot zone set up in Shanxi
Updated 17:28, 09-Jul-2019
China is determined to go greener. The nation has set up its first pilot zone for a new energy project in northern Shanxi Province. With abundant coal resources, Shanxi once had the country's largest coal production. But it has shifted its focus to developing non-coal industries. So what are coal companies doing now? CGTN reporter Hu Chao has the story.
Doctor Yang Liyou is introducing one of the world's most advanced solar panels, the HJT module. With bifacial cells, the panel has the highest efficiency in the market. This is Jinergy, a photovoltaic module manufacturer in the city of Jinzhong in China's Shanxi province. Its parent company, Jinneng Group, is a traditional coal company, but more recently has turned toward clean energy.
DR. YANG LIYOU GENERAL MANAGER, JINERGY CO., LTD. "We're undergoing a very strong energy transition or revolution that is taking place in the whole energy industry. Rather than avoiding it, we have to embrace it and take the challenge."
Over 40% of its products have been exported to more than 10 foreign countries. Dr. Yang says their parent group has offered them many advantages.
DR. YANG LIYOU GENERAL MANAGER, JINERGY CO., LTD. "One of them is the capital availability. And also Jinneng is very used to owning the assets downstream. We are ourselves a big clean energy developer, in developing wind and solar assets."
The Jinneng Group is one of many coal groups in Shanxi that have been going green. Shanxi's total installed power generation capacity of new energy is up to 20 million kilowatts, making them a national leader. Reform in its energy industry has always been a priority for Shanxi. As it has now become a national pilot zone for energy revolution, experts say the new policy differs from past ones.
WEI HULIN, DEAN OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SHANXI UNIVERSITY OF FINANCE & ECONOMICS "Past policies often focused on reforms in each different field respectively, like in the coal or electricity industry. Now the set-up of the pilot zone means reforms will be carried out across all categories in all energy industries."
Shanxi's pilot experience will also help other similar provinces.
WEI HULIN, DEAN OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SHANXI UNIVERSITY OF FINANCE & ECONOMICS "If Shanxi's pilot reforms turn out to be successful, other resource-based provinces can learn from them. Shanxi's success will provide valuable experience to China's energy revolution."
HU CHAO TAIYUAN, SHANXI PROVINCE "Top provincial officials of Shanxi say they have already started to make an action plan for multiple reforms, as it has become a pilot zone of advancing energy innovation. They will build an institutional framework for the pilot zone as soon as possible and continue to focus on green development and ecological restoration. Hu Chao, CGTN, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province."