‘What is China?’ No family reunion for some at Spring Festival
Updated 10:35, 28-Jun-2018
By CGTN’s Li Qiuyuan
It’s that time of the year again: the massive human migration for the biggest celebration of the year. With the Chinese Spring Festival fast approaching, over a billion Chinese are getting ready for a family reunion, which is an important part of the Lunar New Year.
But not Jia Jingbo, a masseur in Beijing. 
Like so many migrant workers in search of a better life, Jingbo left his family in the rural, inland province of Shanxi, and became a masseur at a foot massage parlor in the bustling business district of Beijing. And as in the past two years, he has decided to stay at work during the holiday season to make extra money.
In this “What is China?” special, CGTN’s reporter Li Qiuyuan talked with the masseur who won’t be able to go home for the holiday, and found out how he plans to spend the big night.