Xiongan New Area: China releases more details on master plan for new city
China has released more details on the master plan for the Xiong'an New Area -- a city that's currently under construction 100 kilometers south of the capital, Beijing. Our reporter Ning Hong met with stakeholders for their thoughts on the project.
It's an ambitious plan, to build a new city from scratch. Xiong'an New Area will take on many of Beijing's functions, in areas such as education, medicine and finance. In the meantime, it's looking to attract plenty of innovative and forward-thinking minds. Yang Jingzhou is involved in high-tech 3D printing, and he's hoping to establish a research lab here.
YANG JINGZHOU ENTREPRENEUR, XIONGAN NEW AREA "I noticed that the word 'creative' was mentioned 14 times in Friday's State Council announcement. I hope we can see more policies to support entrepreneurs and attract more talent."
Xiong'an will also be a sandbox for China's reform and opening up program, it will test new standards in innovation, and evaluate the quality of development projects.
WANG JINYING, HEAD SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, HEBEI UNIVERSITY "The key to Xiongan is that the government will play a better role. It will make creative policies based on 40 years of experience in city development."
The New Area will also place a heavy emphasis on environmental protection. Planners hope nearly half its area can be forested, while they will also look to promote green energy and smart city functions. Ning Hong, CGTN, Xiong'an New Area.