Robotics projects boost Hefei city in E China
Twenty new robotics projects are set to go ahead in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province.
The projects announced on Friday relate to the development and manufacturing of industrial, service, and medical robotics.
They will result in a combined investment of 8.35 billion yuan (1.25 billion US dollars).
Robot writing Chinese calligraphy /Xinhua Photo

Robot writing Chinese calligraphy /Xinhua Photo

Among the projects to go ahead is the Kuka Industrial Robotics Research & Development Center, a joint initiative of Kuka Industries, a subsidiary of the German robotic manufacturer Kuka AG, and two Hefei robotics developers.
Anhui Hangda Robotics is one of Kuka's two partners in Hefei.
"The center will mainly focus on technological cooperation in specific fields such as laser measurement and precision machining, high-end welding, battery management system, human-machine-environment interaction," Liu Jun, Anhui Hangda Robotics general manager said.
Robotic care bed /Xinhua Photo

Robotic care bed /Xinhua Photo

The joint project was initially proposed at the end of last year after Kuka AG was bought by Chinese consumer products company Midea Group.
Midea has a home appliances manufacturing base in Hefei.
The projects will all be based in the Hefei High-tech Industry Development Zone, which now has nearly 90 robot developers and manufacturers, according to local officials.
Underwater robot catching a table tennis ball /Xinhua Photo

Underwater robot catching a table tennis ball /Xinhua Photo

The newly-signed projects are the latest step toward the city's goal to become a major hub of robotic development and manufacturing.
Last year, Harbin Institute of Technology Robots Group, a leading robot developer in China, started building its 2-billion-yuan (299 million US dollars) eastern China headquarters in the city.
Source(s): China Daily