A peek at the Hong Kong's multimedia firework display
The theme of the fireworks display, which will be held on Saturday night at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, is "Finding new opportunities after two decades of returning to China".
It is one of the activities to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the region's return to China. 
The fireworks will coordinate with the background music and beam lights to create an amazing "light screen" up on the sky. 
The multimedia fireworks display will be divided into 8 parts, each with a different theme: Hong Kong, my hometown; work together with one heart; work hard for continuous improvement; never give up; walk hand in hand; bright future; realize dreams through the Silk Road; and Yellow River, waves rolling high. 
In the section for "Hong Kong, my hometown," Chinese characters for "China, Hong Kong" will flicker 20 times, along with the number "20" and the "Bauhinia" -- the symbol of Hong Kong. 
In the part of " work together with one heart," 72 red smileys will light up the sky. 
The preparatory committee said the display shows Hong Kong's united spirit and multinational cultures. They hope it will convey the stability and prosperity of the past two decades. The committee also extended their hope that Hong Kong's future will be as bright as Saturday's fireworks show.