​Boao Forum for Asia: 5G technology set to overhaul key industries
5G technology is expected to be put into commercial use some time next year. But what exactly is 5G? Is it just about faster mobile network connections, or will it just add more "phubbers" to our busy streets? What is it that makes 5G different from previous generations? We spoke to some experts about this at the Bo'ao Forum.
CHEN WENCHI FOUNDER & CEO, VIA TECHNOLOGIES INC. "It will make the network very flexible, it will not only cover the need of human being, but also with all kinds of devices connected to it."
ISABEL GE MAHE VP & MD OF GREATER CHINA, APPLE INC. "Really ultra low latency communications that could enable many different industries, like remotely performing medical devices. The feedback is very much real-time. It will be possible because of the new technology."
SHEN WEI PRESIDENT & CEO, VIVO TELECOMMUNICATIONS "In the future, smartphones will be more like your personal assistant, to help you deal with what's relevant to you, the virtual world, and the real world."