National Basketball Association: Lin on historic chamionship win
Updated 16:54, 05-Aug-2019
Now meet an athlete who generated a global craze that was summed up in one word: "LINSANITY." We're talking about Jeremy Lin- who continues to break down stereotypes and make history. He's not only the first Chinese American NBA player, but he's also the first Asian American athlete to win an NBA Championship, albeit not featuring much in the season. Recently he has suffered hardship after breaking down and claim to hit rock bottom after his release from the Raptors. CGTN's Connie Lee has his story.
It's about an hour before tipoff-and he's going through his usual warm-up drills.
Jeremy: "I feel good, I feel excited."
On this night, the Canadian stadium will be packed. High pressure? Perhaps. But for Lin, he's learned to tune out the noise, and look 'up.
JEREMY LIN EX-TORONTO RAPTORES POINT GUARD "A lot of it is my faith. And the concept of playing for an audience of one. And just playing for God. So if I focus on that-- doesn't matter if it's two fans or 10-thousand fans, or a million fans. It really just zones everything else out."
It's been nearly a decade since he joined the NBA-and not long after he became a fan favorite. Remember "Linsanity"? He led the New York Knicks to five straight wins. And became a global sensation.
His love for the game started as a kid in San Francisco, playing with his family and at school.
JEREMY LIN "I pretty much grew up with a basketball in my hand. My parents were like, he's only super joyful and passionate when he's playing basketball. Why don't we empower him to play basketball and chase his dreams? We didn't think I was going to make it to college or the NBA."
But He played for Harvard and then began his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors.
CONNIE LEE TORONTO "We can't ignore the fact you are the first Chinese American to be in the NBA. Do you feel some sort of pressure or burden?"
JEREMY LIN 2019 NBA CHAMPION "I definitely don't think it's a burden. Maybe at times, I did when I was younger, because I felt like everyone just wanted to talk about me being Asian versus my basketball. I would say now it's more definitely pride. I see it as almost like a mantle I get to carry and be a part of and it's a lot of fun. I'm just so proud to be able to represent Asians and Chinese basketball players. I'm hoping that in the future I'm not the only one."
As for LIN'S future, it could take him abroad.
JEREMY LIN "I do want to consider potentially playing overseas at some point. Possibly playing in China, at some point we'll see."
He's already got quite the fan base in China- where he's called Lin Shuhao. Add to that endorsement deals, basketball camps and TV shows.
But for now, as he basks in the glory of being the first Asian American to win an NBA championship, Lin is taking it one day- one dribble- at a time.
JEREMY LIN "My mom always says, 'do your best and trust God with the rest.' So I'm just working hard, keep working hard, keep working hard. You never know when those breakthroughs are going to come. And then trust God with everything that happens."