‘Bored’ Russian man detained after rampaging street with armored vehicle
A Russian man was detained in the northwestern town of Apatity of Murmansk Oblast after wreaking havoc on the street with what appeared to be a half-armored vehicle reportedly for a bottle of booze and fun on Wednesday night.
According to regional news outlet Hibinform.ru, the vehicle was stolen from a driving school in town before being driven onto a parked car, and into a supermarket where the driver was suspected to have shoplifted a bottle of alcohol. 
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

It was for the booze that the man was arrested, Hibinform.ru added. There are no immediate reports of injuries.  
Russian TV channel Vesti claims the man took the vehicle out of “boredom." Criminal charges may be around the corner for the man, whose identity remained undisclosed.
The driving school was reportedly managed by a voluntary organization that works with Russian armed forces.