South Africa Women's Day: Johannesburg sees celebration of women's achievements every August
Updated 16:07, 11-Aug-2019
In South Africa, the month of August is set aside to celebrate and reflect on women's achievements -- as well as the problems they face in improving their role in society. CGTN's Yolisa Njamela has more from Johannesburg.
YOLISA NJAMELA JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA "The month of August is set aside here in South Africa to celebrate women in South Africa. Their works and achievements are put on the spotlight."
And so we put that spotlight on a Trade Fair for women's crafts.
This is Bryanston's organic and trade market, in Johannesburg. It was started 42 years ago. At the core of this market is organic fresh produce, but has since extended to other crafts. Many women trade here.
Here, we met Promise Mahlangu. Mahlangu operates her grandmothers Ndebele beading stall. Her grandmother Margaret Nokothwane has been beading since she was 15 years old.
With this work, the grandmother has managed to successfully bring up a family of over twenty people.
PROMISE MAHLANGU TRADER "My grandmother has over 25 grandchildren. She taught all of us how to use our hands to make these. She fed all of us over time through this. My uncle and I are now more involved and are able to make these. Otherwise we are who we are because of her and her crafts work."
On the other side of this market, we meet Ethiopian national, Messaynesh Gebressilassie. She specialises in cotton products that originate from her country.
MESSAYNESH GEBRESILASSIET RADER "This is done by very different artisans because in Ethiopia we have different skills from different regions, so we incorporate those regional designs into our products. We are creating jobs and maintaining families, educating women and children and we want that skill to transfer."
There's a large contingent of women traders in this market. And over the years they've collaborated on different projects.
AUDREY WAINWRIGHT BRYANSTON ORGANIC NATURAL MARKET "There's something about when women are working together. They know how to collaborate. Already they're the feeders of the children, educators. I'm not saying men don't have a part to play, there are amazing men as well but there's something about women collaborating that makes them incredibly successful. We've seen women in this market over the years doing amazing things."
International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. And here in South Africa, the rest of the August month is filled with activities that illuminate women's work, achievements, challenges and a myriad of other issues.
Yolisa Njamela, for CGTN, in Johannesburg, South Africa.