Selected photos of the 2016 Rio Games
Updated 10:29, 28-Jun-2018
There were tears of joy and pain, an unexpected public proposal, breathtaking twists and fleeting moments of sympathy and support that restored our faith in humanity… and they were all caught on camera.
With Rio Games drawing to a close and athletes leaving Rio en masse, CCTVNEWS has compiled some of the highlight pictures during the two-week-long mega-sporting event before the memories of this year’s Games fade away.
1. People help the people
This heartwarming moment shows US’ athlete Abbey D'Agostino (R) being assisted by New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin after a collision during the women's 5000m Round 1 on August 16.  The pair helped each other in the race and embraced at the finish, before D'Agostino was taken from the track in a wheelchair. The scene shows the great sportsmanship spirit some athletes possess, and proves that winning isn’t about finishing first.
2. She said yes!
Chinese Olympian He Zi not only got a silver medal in the women’s 3m springboard, but also a diamond ring offered by her boyfriend Chinese diver Qin Kai who popped the question on the Olympic podium on August 14. Qin kneeled down on one knee with the silver medalist nodding in approval and saying yes. The romantic scene was aired to the world, turning the fierce competition into a aww moment.
3. On your guards
On August 13, army soldiers were seen patrolling the entrance of the Vila do Joao shantytown where National Force soldier Helio Andrade was shot dead after entering by mistake.
Few days earlier, three Brazilian soldiers tasked with protecting the Rio Olympics were fired upon after they missed a turn and mistakenly entered one of Rio’s slums where a drug gang thought they had arrived as part of a police raid.
Despite security concerns in the build-up to Rio 2016, the Games ran smoothly for the most part as the Olympic venues and the Village were guarded by 85,000 soldiers and police officers dispatched on the streets of Rio.
4. Kiss of victory
China’s overwhelming domination in table tennis at world-class competitions runs deep in history.
This moment was captured as head coach Liu Guoliang kissed Ma Long, China’s team captain, after winning the men’s table tennis gold medal match against Japan by 3-1 on August 17 in Rio.
China has won 28 gold medals since the sport was introduced at the 1988 Olympic Games.
5. Farewell 
Michael Phelps, the legendary US swimmer, thanked the crowd after winning gold in the Men's 4x100m medley relay final at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 13 in Rio. 
The 31-year-old said he is ready to retire after a career which saw him grab 28 Olympic medals – 23 of which are gold claimed in four of the five Olympic Games he took part in.
6. Catch me if you can
29-year-old Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, has won his ninth Olympic gold medal in the men’s 4x100m rely final in Rio on August 19, completing a historic “triple-triple.”
This picture captures Bolt grinning as he flashed before everyone’s eyes, including his opponents who either showed a frown or a straining face as they tried to pass him in the Men’s 100m semi-final on August 14… to no avail, of course.
7.  Runner or diver?
The final race of the women's 400m at the Rio Games ended with a bit of a splash as Bahamas' Shaunae Miller dove as she crossed the finish line to win a gold medal over Allyson Felix of the US.
Miller, who finished with a time of 49.44 seconds, beat Felix by only 0.07 seconds.
8. Spectators with Chinese characteristics
A member of the audience showed up to cheer while dressed as a Buddhist monk, called “Tangseng” in Mandarin. The character is a figure in the “Journey to the West,” one of the four great Chinese classical novels. The man appeared at the men’s table tennis finals between China’s Ma Long and compatriot Zhang Jike on August 11. Ma beat his teammate Zhang, winning the gold medal.