‘Supergirl’ angry after being kicked out from EU presser
By Jack Parrock
An anti-Brexit activist dubbed as “EU Supergirl” was kicked out from an EU news conference in Brussels on Thursday. 
Pro-Remain Madeleina Kay, a 23-year-old musician and writer from Sheffield, the UK, traveled to Brussels to campaign against Brexit. 
Claiming to be not associated with any political party, Kay said she wanted to stop Brexit as its consequences could be devastating. 
She briefly attended the news conference before being thrown out of the Berlaymont press room. 
She was sitting in the front row of the press room wearing her EU Supergirl costume. 
“I didn't make any noise or (created) any fuss,” she said, adding that everyone in that room was wearing a grey or black suit and it was boring. 
The girl claimed that before the news conference started, she was asked to be quiet and not ask any question as she was not representing an official body. 
Despite following the instructions, they "ejected me because they're scared,” she said. 
Britain will leave the EU in March 2019 and the UK and the EU are working on a Brexit deal. 
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron promised voters a referendum on the EU if he won the 2015 general election. The plebiscite vote was held in June 2016, but Cameron failed to secure a pro-EU vote and immediately resigned.
The European Commission has declined to comment on the Superhero episode.