A wearable for gamers to gain an edge over rivals
Humm Tech, an Australia based company is building wearable technology that it hopes can improve the brain's performance. 
The lab team is excited about the potential of the new device, and hopes it'll be adopted by gamers wanting to get an edge over their eSports rivals. 
The device is created with a 3D printer and held together with gaffer tape, but that's not what's impressive. The device can monitor brain waves using for electrodes that tap into the frontal lobe.
The team started developing the device at HUMM Tech with support from the University of Western Australia. Now several students are keen to get involved.
Their goal is to sell the device first to the world's 250 million eSports gamers before rolling it out to other industries, such as accelerated learning and aviation.
The group plans to relocate to China this September to begin manufacturing.
Source(s): AP