International Army Games: Suvorov Attack single race kicks off in Korla
Updated 09:34, 05-Aug-2019
The International Army Games 2019 in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region kicked off its signature event on Sunday. The Suvorov Attack is a contest for infantry fighting vehicles. CGTN's Sun Tianyuan reports.
Dashing through fire, smoke and dust. Welcome to the Suvorov Attack, a game of speed, skills and accuracy. Six teams -- including China, Belarus and Russia -- have joined in this year's infantry fighting vehicle's individual race.
SU RONG, CHIEF REFEREE INTERNATIONAL ARMY GAMES 2019 "Participant countries are well-prepared this time. From the matches today and trainings before, it's probably the most competitive and splendid games yet."
On Sunday, China, Iran and Zimbabwe competed in the event. Every team has three crews and each crew has three members, the crew leader, the driver and the gunner. Like many games, success depends on team efforts.
WU XUEPING, CHIEF REFEREE INTERNATIONAL ARMY GAMES 2019 "The game requires the crew's seamless cooperation. The trio needs to perform acute, swift, yet subtle operations."
Driving skills are crucial to the game. Participants need to race through a dozen obstacles in the shortest time to win. Scenarios simulating extreme combat conditions – such as anti-tank trenches, mine fields and water wading zones – have been set up to test the drivers' capabilities.
SUN TIANYUAN KORLA "This is one of the obstacles set up in the Suvorov Attack. The vehicles must follow the tracks and pass through the ditches with great speed. That requires a lot of skills. Wow, look at that. It was almost flying for a second."
Gunners also need to shoot down targets over long distances to prove their combat skills. So far, Team China has led the chart and set a game record.
DING YUELEI, HEAD CHINESE SUVOROV ATTACK TEAM "Our team has maintained its usual performance this year. We have also learned from foreign armies and make the best of their advantages through cooperation and exchange via this platform."
Apart from the signature Suvorov Attack, this year's Army Games will also hold events in air defense, anti-chemical and equipment maintenance in the next two weeks. Sun Tianyuan, CGTN, Korla, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.