Theater Carnival: 7th Wuzhen Theater Festival set to open in October
Updated 20:02, 06-Aug-2019
The Wuzhen Theater Festival is back in October. This year, the annual international extravaganza, which takes place in the historic water town in east China's Zhejiang Province, will be even bigger and packed with more surprises. Shen Li gives us a sneak peak.
People always talk about the seven year itch, but for the Wuzhen Theater Festival, the 7th edition is more exciting than ever.
From October 25th to November 3rd, a total of 141 performances from 28 productions will be shown, some of which will be world premieres.
Opening the festival is Anton Chekhov's classic play 'Three Sisters', produced by the famous Russian director Yury Butusov this time.
Theater director Stan Lai, who co-founded the Wuzhen event, says both veteran and young theater talents add to the dynamic of the festival.
The Wuzhen Theater Festival also has an avant-garde section focused on new directors' experimental dramas.
Chinese directors Chen Minghao, Wang Chong and Ding Yiteng will bring their plays to the stage this year.
Apart from various theater productions, the festival will also feature an outdoor carnival and various forums where attendees can talk to and learn from theater masters. Shen Li, CGTN.