CES Asia 2019: China's 5G rollout to boost consumer technology
Updated 17:32, 09-Jul-2019
CES Asia 2019 is taking place in Shanghai at the moment. 5G technology remains the hottest topic at the show. Lin Nan has more.
The 5G era is coming. And those at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia 2019 can't wait. Huawei, a key 5G player, unveiled its AI technology and strategy for the future at the show.
SHAO YANG, CHIEF STRATEGIC OFFICER HUAWEI CONSUMER BUSINESS GROUP "It's not the most dangerous time for Huawei. Instead, Huawei is in its best condition. We believe we are at a historical moment for the next generation of upgrades. So, all that we are doing right now is finding our direction in this next generation of competition."
The tech firm has been centred on the escalating trade war between China and the US, in which technology is a key battle. The technological issue has somehow become a political one, after the US blacklisted Huawei from its market.
GARY SHAPIRO, PRESIDENT & CEO CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION "We do better as a world. There is good healthy competition, but tariffs are barriers, they hurt people. Ordinary people have to pay them. It is more expensive for them to get an important service."
China granted 5G licenses for commercial use in early June, just a few days ahead of CES Asia.
The timeline of the 5G rollout is much sooner than expected. Retail, manufacturing and other areas are gearing up to integrate with it. '
JACK JING, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER SUNING TECHNOLOGY GROUP "The technological support behind retail will have a rapid development of the 5G technology platform. We believe it will push retail to continue to grow into the next decade."
5G is driving innovation across all industries. A great many things will be powered by it.
LIN NAN SHANGHAI "CES Asia this year doubles as the vehicle technology footprint on the show floor, featuring the last concept cars and connected vehicles."
China is the world's largest market for self-driving vehicles, and commercial deployment of self-driving vehicle fleets is gaining traction.
MARCO HECKER, AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR LEADER DELOITTE CHINA "China is leading in 5G technology, so from that perspective I think China will be able, with a couple of pilots that are already running, to really take it to the next level and set new global bench marks."
Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality and startups with a focus on innovation also showcase the latest technologies, changing the way people live and work. Lin Nan, CGTN, Shanghai.