The Inspirers: Lifetime commitment: Tibetan man raising 27 adopted children
Updated 17:28, 09-Jul-2019
To our special series, the Inspirers. Parenting takes endless love and devotion. It's a huge responsibility, and also a big challenge for most couples with only one or two kids. But in one Tibetan city, one man is raising 27 children – all are orphans from local impoverished families. CGTN's Yang Jinghao has the story.
It's the happiest time of the day for Nyima Tsring – getting together with his children when they come back from school. The 41-year-old Tibetan man from Xigaze has a total of 27 children ranging in age from six to 25 years old – all are orphans he has adopted from across the region.
NYIMA TSRING TIBETAN RESIDENT "I myself was also an orphan. My mother died of an illness when I was only nine months old, and then my father passed away when I was 17. So I am very clear that what these children really need is a warm family."
Tsring first worked at Potala Palace as a guide and then ran various businesses like car washes and restaurants in different cities. Then in 2007, he came across two little orphan girls in rural Xigaze. With government approval, he set up an orphanage in 2008 in this building he rents despite opposition from his family. Over the past 12 years, the unmarried man has acted as a father wholeheartedly. Partly subsidized by local authorities, Tsring also runs a hostel with his friends to support the undertaking.
NYIMA TSRING TIBETAN RESIDENT "The most difficult thing is family education. It's a great responsibility and I have to set a model for them. Over the years, I have gotten rid of many bad habits. For example, I used to wake up late and I would seldom read. But now I can finish a book in three or four days and I also read together with them."
Tsring names this private institution an "academy" instead of an "orphanage", because he thinks this is not just a shelter for the kids, but somewhere he hopes they can grow into knowledgeable people with strong, responsible and kind hearts.
"SON" OF NYIMA TSRING "I live happily here. My dad cares for us so much. He also helps us with homework and plays with us every day."
TSETEN TSANGCHOL "DAUGHTER" OF NYIMA TSRING "I can learn a lot living with my dad, such as how to behave properly and how to be a happy person."
Years on, some children have left here to work or seek further education through college. Penpa is one of the grown-up children of the family. He now runs a factory producing clean charcoal. With certain physical defects, he used to suffer a lot of bullying at school. He says it's the love and encouragement from his dad that saved him from suicide.
"SON" OF NYIMA TSRING "I really admire my dad and his heart. I hope I can grow up to be like him and help more people. If possible, I hope I can inherit this home in the future."
Today, social welfare services in Tibet have largely improved. There are already two public orphanages in Xigaze. Tsring says the size of the family may not be largely expanded, but he is very grateful that being kind to others is rooted in the hearts of his children.
NYIMA TSRING TIBETAN RESIDENT "I always tell myself that I am the happiest person in the world. Why? Because we have forged a deep bond of affection over the years and they are so thoughtful."
Tsring is also an AIDS prevention volunteer. In recent years, he has traveled across Tibet to educate the public on related health knowledge. He believes it takes all of one's life to be kind and do good. YJH, CGTN, Tibet Autonomous Region.