'The Academy Awards' of China's cultural industries in 2017
By Yu Fengsheng
"The Academy Awards" of China's Cultural Industries of 2017 took place on Sunday night at Beijing's Communication University of China, recognizing the achievements of people and places during the past year. 
Some of the nine awards handed out during the ceremony included: "The Most Culturally-competitive Cities," "China Cultural Figure of the Year," "Special Contributors to Chinese Culture" and "Charming Towns with the Highest Cultural Value."
The ceremony venue. /CGTN Photo

The ceremony venue. /CGTN Photo

After two months of online voting and evaluations, China's top cultural cities, towns as well as cultural figures and writers were honored.
"The cultural influence of the cities, its people, and its products were the main criteria for how we issued the awards," said Fan Zhou, chief planner of the event. "[The awards] are not only given to the cities and regions that have high cultural value, but are also given to people who made great contributions to the development of China's culture industry." 
"The Academy Awards for Special Items in the Chinese Grand Canal Cultural Region in 2017" was comprised of ten cultural projects that rejuvenated the culture of the Grand Canal – China’s 46th World Heritage site.
The award recipients pose for a photo. /CGTN Photo‍

The award recipients pose for a photo. /CGTN Photo‍

The "Best Projects of Traditional Crafts Revitalization" award was given to eight traditional craftsmanship projects from the past year.
Other awards categories included the "Academy Awards for Cultural Industrial Parks," the "Most Cutting-Edge Cultural Technology Production" and "Annual Hot Words in 2017."
Celebrities in the cultural industry attended the event and took the opportunity to address hot topics.
The four-hour ceremony also featured performances by students from the Communication University of China.