The Faces: China supporting intl. students in cultural exchanges
Updated 13:40, 24-Apr-2019
More young people from Asia and Africa are now choosing to work or study in China. Universities here have been responding to the increased demand by providing a more inclusive and welcoming environment for them. Ning Hong spoke to some of them about their experiences in the coastal city of Tianjin.
LOU XIANGYI, MASTER STUDENT TIANJIN UNIVERSITY "My name is Lou Xiangyi, I am from Malaysia. I found the Tianjin University 24 Festive Drum. So we Kept all these good traditions from Chinese. We brought this from Malaysia back to China."
ALI OUATTARA, STUDENT FROM BURKINA FASO TIANJIN UNIVERSITY  "You know when you are outside, like in my own country. We are hearing something like in China, foreign people don't have much flexibility, they don't have freedom. But once I got here I found that it is not totally true. If you have all your papers correct in China, and you abide by China's rule. You can be living in China without any problem."
NITINUN CHOMCHUEN, TEACHER FROM THAILAND TIANJIN BOHAI VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE "In the past in Thailand, the Japanese and French languages were popular. About ten years ago, I found many students had begun to learn Chinese in my university. So I felt that people's impression of China had changed. China is not so poor and living condition is not that hard anymore. China's economy and technology is getting better."
CHEN ZHIHUA, DEAN SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION, TIANJIN UNIVERSITY "We are providing the necessary support for international students especially when they first come to China. We want to give them the chance to enjoy the benefits generated by China's Reform and Opening up, and help them to learn about China's technological and economic innovation. They are all talents and could return to help their own countries."
LOU XIANGYI, MASTER STUDENT TIANJIN UNIVERSITY "I am going to graduate this July. For the 24 Festive Drum, which we found together, I will have to pass to my junior, so he is going to take over all this when he is ready. This is good for our culture, and also good for our friendship between two countries."