Glasses-free 3D: Adding a new dimension
By CGTN's New Money Team
Recent years have seen the explosion of visual technologies, and glasses-free 3D is one of them. In this global race, Chinese tech companies are not lagging behind, with some becoming a major force in bringing this futurist life to reality.
Li Jinyu is an avid player of Arena of Valor, a DOTA-inspired mobile game that has taken China by storm. She recently switched to a phone that can display 3D without the need for funky-looking glasses. 
At the same time, some car dealers are replacing their old paper catalogues with more fancy glasses-free 3D screens, to better introduce cars to their customers, as China is leading the way in developing the glasses-free 3D technology.
Although the wider 3D visual technology industry experiencing explosive growth, there are quite a few bottlenecks in the way, with a lack of 3D content among the most notable ones.
The chicken-and-egg situation weakens the incentive to develop 3D technology. The Chinese glasses-free 3D industry is working to create an ecosystem that helps bring industry players closer to the value chain, especially third-party content makers.
At the same time, the industry is actively seeking global expansion with access to a larger pool of technologies and bigger base of consumers. In China, the domestic stage is also big, with great prospects.
Developing glasses-free 3D is already part of China's five-year plan. Industry think tank Sino Market Research predicts that the 3D display market can potentially top 500 billion US dollars, inclusive of 50 billion dollars in the mobile phone market.