Intl. Horticultural Exhibition: May Day Holiday crowds testing organizers' preparations
Updated 21:10, 07-May-2019
The park here has seen over 300-thousand visitors come through the turnstiles from Wednesday to Saturday morning.  The huge May Day Holiday crowds are putting the organizer's preparations to the ultimate test, as Tang Bo explains.
Today is the last day of the four-day Labor Day holidays, and the 6th day since the Beijing Expo was opened to the public. It's seeing more visitors than ever before. So far, over 250,000 people have visited the expo park and they keep piling in. The number of visitors yesterday is over 3 times larger than that of the first day. That has a lot to do with the Labor Day vacation.
To cope with such an influx of visitors, two trail openings were conducted by the expo organizer to test the reception capacity of the park. Some tourist facilities have therefore been improved. Take these ticket gates, for example, they are able to check 5,000 people in 10 minutes.
680 volunteers have offered services over the past 5 days. There will be in total 20,000 volunteers working for the expo lasting for over 5 months, each one of them will work at least 7 days.
About 50 activities aimed at showcasing Beijing's achievements in ecological progress will be held during the Labor Day holiday. That includes a culture and art carnival staged by central and eastern European countries, where over 100 performers will put on folk dancing and pop music shows for tourists. TANG BO, CGTN, BEIJING.