Media Headline Quiz: China’s ivory ban
Keely Stanley
Numerous wildlife specialists have reported that roughly 30,000 African elephants are illegally killed each year. Now, China’s ivory trade ban will play a critical part in putting a halt to this concerning statistic.
Today, China holds the leading position with 70 percent of the global demand for ivory, leaving fewer than 500,000 elephants in the wild. 
In June 2016, former US President Barack Obama fulfilled a promise made during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart and imposed a near total ban on domestic ivory sales. China followed suit, and officials shut down 67 carving workshops and retail stores in March 2017, following another 105 set to close by the end of the year. It was an astonishing U-turn – a far bigger step than campaigners had dared to hope for.
“Even with the price coming down, there’s still a heck of a lot of poaching going on.” 
 -  Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of NGO Save the Elephants
“Trophy hunting regimes can provide a way for governments to preserve species that would otherwise be killed because they are nuisances, dangerous or lucrative.” 
 -  Gabriel Zarate, freelance writer for National Post
“One elephant can be worth about 1 million US dollars in its lifetime in terms of tourism revenue. Obviously, if it’s poached for its ivory the country gets nothing.” 
 -  Peter Knights, chief executive officer of WildAid 
As China’s move to ban the ivory trade has swept the front pages of newspapers all over the world, test your knowledge to see what you know about this sensitive and important topic. 
Start Quiz: Eight Questions
Read each question carefully. Test your memory by filling in the blank with the correct answer from the latest media headlines on China’s ivory ban.
Uganda's Tourism Ministry hails China's ________ ivory trade ban
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Basketball star ________ joins calls to stop ivory trade, as China ban set to kick in on Sunday
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________ is 'world's fastest growing' ivory market
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Trump to ________ ban on elephant trophies from Africa
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Elephants have a ________ start to 2018 as China bans ivory sales
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China must ________ ban ivory trade
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________ countries square up for battle over future of ivory trade ban
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Ban on ivory sales in China to begin in victory for ________ war to stamp out elephant poaching
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