Youth Innovation: Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland students work on Sustainable Development Goals
Updated 21:54, 08-Aug-2019
College students from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong are working closely together. They are finding creative solutions to reach Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. CGTN reporter Ning Hong visited the 2019 China Youth Leaders summer camp, which started on Monday in Tianjin.
Working together to build a better world. The China Youth Leaders summer camp focuses on helping China's young people participate in international agendas. Through discussion and field research, students try to find creative solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
YIN TING LEUNG, FOUNDER & PRESIDENT COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT "I've participated in UN meetings, and realized that the voice of China's Youth is not well heard. Through our research of the efforts made to improve China's social development, I hope our work delivers the message to the world that China's youth is working to contribute to improve the current social situation."
There's a major focus on scientific and technological innovation. Inside an intelligent manufacturing industrial base in Tianjin, a start up drone company shares the application of drone technologies in agricultural and logistics.
LI CHENGZHANG, COLLEGE STUDENT THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG "It is a very good opportunity to visit high-tech zones like this, to see the drones, big data facilities and the applications."
YIN TING LEUNG, FOUNDER & PRESIDENT COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT "We hope we can put students with western and eastern thinking methods together, working in groups to find solutions for certain subjects. And students will find that instead of the solution he or she thought of, there are other solutions, from A to Z."
Field research projects will also include research on ecological restoration, city innovation, and city planning. Participants will submit solutions in a global government competition on August 15th. Ning Hong, CGTN, Tianjin.