Long March-5 rocket filled with fuel, ready for take-off
China's Long March-5 Y-2 rocket has been filled with fuel at the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, in south China's Hainan Province, and is ready for its launch, scheduled later on Sunday. 
Both liquid propellant and meteorological conditions have been closely monitored in preparation for the takeoff.
The second launch of the carrier rocket Long March-5 will mark the completion of the vessel’s development. 
The Long March-5 Y2 will carry the Shijian-18 communications satellite, which will test a new generation of technologies from laser communication to ion electric propulsion.
There are three types of liquid propellants, namely oxygen, hydrogen and kerosene. 
CGTN's reporter Ning Hong, who is at the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, said that the liquid propellant must be kept at extremely low temperatures and placed in the rocket 24 hours before the blastoff.
Despite the unstable and combustible nature of the fuel, experts had conducted long-term training to ensure the success of the lift-off. 
Meanwhile, high attention has been paid on the meteorological conditions.
“We are analyzing satellite and radar data to ensure the forecast is accurate,” said She Xiao, a meteorological analyst from the launch center.
The Long March-5 carrier rocket is the first Chinese launcher with a design focusing on liquid rocket propellants from the ground up. 
China's Long March-5 Y-1 rocket was launched in November 2016.