Slackliners perform thrilling stunts at 400 meters height
A breath-taking slacklining competition was held in the county of Xianju, east China's Zhejiang Province, on Sunday, with the 18-year-old Canadian slackliner Antony winning the title. 

Participating were 16 players from Canada, the Netherlands, and China. They were competing at the height of 400 meters. 

In the first round of competition, the 16 players had to walk on a 2.5-centimeters-wide slackline and performed two compulsory and voluntary moves within two minutes. 

The idea of the exciting sport is based on tightrope walking. Slacklining, however, is more difficult.
Walking on the more elastic lines is just like jumping on a trampoline. With no balancing poles, slackliners have to balance themselves with arms and keep adjusting their postures while swaying on the bouncy ropes.