Champion of 'Street Dance': Ye Yin: Experience is inspiring for contestants
Updated 19:20, 05-Aug-2019
Bringing in millions of viewers for its second season, the reality show "The Street Dance of China" crowned its latest champion. Our reporter spoke with Ye Yin, the new "King of Street Dance".
YE YIN STREET DANCER "The competition has been quite an experience for me. It has been a wonderful showcase of the best of street dance. The audience can see the art's many varieties through the best of street dance. It's like a panorama of street dance. You can appreciate it in all its shapes and sizes. For contestants like me, it's a learning experience. It's also been very inspiring at the same time."
"Actually age doesn't matter in street dance. Its performers are both young and old. Older dancers tend to have more experiences in life and with the art. They can demonstrate more layers of meaning in their moves. That is as fascinating and inspiring as the youthful energy. So I believe the point of the competition is kind of bringing dancers of different ages together. Here they can present their own understanding of what street dance is."
"How cool our street dance is, that's what we're trying to show the audience. The thing is, there still lingers certain suspicion about street dancers. I think the competition can change such prejudice. Street dance is just like any other form of dance. It's quite a normal way to express yourself, and display your energy and your passion. Ever since I began doing street dance, I've been wanting to do that."
"I consider having studied fine art as one of my greatest advantages as a street dancer. Dancing is also a visual medium, just like painting and drawing. You've got to give your audience a good picture. There's the extra element of music, but when all is said and done, the dancer has to use his body and limbs to convey his feelings. The poses and moves are a dancer's way to talk to the audience. It's a combination of visuals and sounds."
"Taking part in the competition has deepened some of my ideas about street dance. It's all about sincerity, communication, and bringing people together. When I first started dancing, I tried many styles, including some urban and old-school stuff. I've also witnessed the obsession some dancers have about their style. I'm very glad to see the competition presenting different styles on the same stage. It's exhilarating to see all these street dancers sharing their art together."