A walk in the clouds: Meet the power worker who treads on UHV lines From the north of Inner Mongolia in northern China to Shandong in the country’s east, a large area is crisscrossed by ultra-high-voltage (UHV) transmission lines. As a power worker of the State Grid Corporation of China, Wang Jin’s daily job involves walking in the clouds.   To repair UHV transmission lines, he needs to climb up 138-meter-tall pylons. Then he walks on the 1,000kv live-lines that are no thicker than bottle caps with only a thin wire on either side to hold on to, with a deep valley directly below his feet. After years of working experience, he can pinpoint a fault by just hearing its electronic corona. As a single misstep or wrongdoing could spell irrevocable disaster, it requires a combination of stamina, bravery, caution and full experience.
Updated 10:31, 28-Jun-2018