Spirit of Creation: Beijing's Polaris International Music Week a boost for younger musicians
Updated 18:25, 07-Jul-2018
In Bejing, the world's largest music PUBLISHER was trying to encourage the spirit of creation among musicians. The Polaris International Music Week, aimed at the younger generation, guided aspiring musicians with a master class and songwriting camp. We take a look at what went down.
Organized by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the Polaris International Music Week is a precious opportunity for young Chinese musicians to communicate with industry leaders. A Master Class brought together international producers, song writers, lyricists and engineers who create and drive today's music industry.
​​​​​​These musicians, including renowned Singaporean composer and producer Li Weisong, shared their views and experiences in music production, song writing, and recording techniques. Another highlight was the Song Camp. Since 2015, the event has been held in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei, and brought together Chinese singers and songwriters such as Hua Chenyu, Jike Junyi and Chen Chusheng.
In its fourth year in Beijing, top producers and songwriters from ten countries and regions joined in. The so-called "Spirit of Creation" would guide musicians to co-write and create new songs for Asian, and especially Chinese artists.
ANDERS FRØEN NORWEGIAN MUSIC PRODUCER AND SONGWRITER "It's very cool when one person in the room has a rock background and the other is a pop person, then something new can come out from the collaboration. So different backgrounds can spark ideas that would not exist."
GUY HENDERSON PRESIDENT, SONY/ATV MUSIC PUBLISHING INT'L "We think the benefit of having writers from all over the world to combine with Chinese writers will hopefully create something magical for the Chinese music market."
The Polaris International Music Center was also opened in Beijing's Sony Explora Science. The center, which has four studios in different styles, will serve as a permanent venue for songwriters and producers around the world to share, communicate and create music in China.
GUY HENDERSON PRESIDENT, SONY/ATV MUSIC PUBLISHING INT'L "In the last three years, China has become such an important territory for us. And one of the main reasons for that is local repertoire and local artists, the majority of the market is local. So we build up the Polaris studio."
China is now one of the world's fastest growing music markets, and Henderson says China will continue to be one of Sony's priorities in the years to come.