American aircraft companies seek business in Chinese market
While more than half a million visitors looked at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in the US, one of the largest fly-in air shows in the world, the event is also helping general aviation get off the ground in China, with tech companies seeking business opportunities.
For one week, 500,000 people from more than 70 countries gazed at more than 10,000 aircraft, from vintage World War Two planes to the most modern types.
There is still a question mark hanging over general aviation in China. While commercial flights are well-developed, non-commercial and non-military aviation, which make up a large portion of the world's air traffic, is still in its early days.
"China and India, Asia, where commercial air travel is growing exponentially yet little flight training infrastructure exists,” Brandon Seltz, founder of Take Flight Interactive said.
Francis Chao, managing director of Uniworld USA said, “China's moving very fast in the aviation sector.”
Chao said the Chinese government has recognized the demand for corporate, medical and recreational aviation in the country. 
Airports are being built and gradually airspace is being opened up.
"We don't want to be left out of enjoying the success of selling to what could potentially be a very large new market,” Mart Schaible, general manager of Sonex Aircraft said.