China-Brazil Ties: Brazil's top economic state opens office in Shanghai
Updated 16:51, 10-Aug-2019
Brazil is stepping up its business presence in China. This morning, Brazil's Sao Paulo state, which takes up around one third of Brazil's GDP, opens its first overseas commercial office in Shanghai. Businesses say they hope for more diversified trade opportunities. Yin Yue from Shanghai.
During one of Sao Paulo's largest overseas business missions – China mission, the governor launched the state's business office in Shanghai.
YIN YUE CGTN "This is the very first business office of SP that's located out of the state and out of Brazil. Officials from the delegation believe this office will not only facilitate trade but also upgrade it. In an exclusive interview with CGTN, the governor also emphasizes the importance of its location."
JOAO DORIA, GOVERNOR STATE OF SAO PAULO, BRAZIL "Exactly because of the importance of China, the dimension it has, the commercial ties, diplomatic ties and cultural bonds of Sao Paulo with China. The office inaugurated on August 9th in Shanghai represents the economic interest of Sao Paulo in China, and also China's interest in Sao Paulo."
The office will help strengthen business relations, but it's expected to do more than that. Brazil is a world-level commodity exporter, now it seeks to upgrade and diversify this image.
MARCOS CARAMURU EX BRAZIL'S AMBASSADOR TO CHINA "Shanghai is more than Shanghai. The office in Shanghai intends to open the door for the Yangtze delta, or Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, a very advanced region in China. I believe this area has a lot of synergy with Sao Paulo, especially in terms of the entrepreneurial spirit in the private sector."
RICARDO GRACIA, DIRECTOR DEVELOPMENT&INNOVATION, GRUPO KIDY "Having this office brings confidence to both Chinese and Brazilian companies to further the negotiations."
While in China, the state governor also visited tech giants, investment banks and infrastructure companies, signaling business potential in all promising areas. Yinyue, CGTN, SHANGHAI.