"Baby Whisperer" makes babies under four months stand on their own
Not an ordinary swimming lessons for babies in Iceland.  
Instructor Snorri Magnusson, dubbed as a "baby whisperer," can make babies as young as 3.5 months old stand unaided. Babies can usually stand or sit on their own at around nine or 10 months old.
Magnusson became Iceland's first baby swimming instructor in 1990 and he's been perfecting his unusual methods since then. Babies attending this course take a twice weekly, twelve-week one hour swimming class. Soon most of the young students are able to stand, either balancing in Magnusson's hands or on top of a cork board.
The parents, as well as other doctors, are very surprised with the outcome.
Magnusson emphasizes though that parents shouldn't try this at home but only during the classes.