Sudan Transition: Ruling military generals and opposition leaders reach an agreement
Updated 09:51, 05-Aug-2019
Sudan's military rulers and main opposition leaders have placed their initials on a constitutional declaration. Both parties have agreed on how to form a three-year transitional government on the road to civilian rule. The military council and opposition coalition are expected to sign the final agreement on August 17th. Mohammed Abubakar has more.
The agreement by Sudan's ruling generals and protest leaders comes after prolonged negotiations between the country's military council and leaders of the protest movement-- which toppled veteran leader Omar al-Bashir in April.
MOHAMED EL HACEN LEBATT AFRICAN UNION MEDIATOR "I am announcing to the Sudanese, African and international public opinion that the two delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional declaration."
Crowds of Sudanese people outside the hall broke out in celebration after the announcement. The jubilant crowds waved the Sudanese flag chanting 'civilian, civilian' and women were ululating as cars driving honked their car horns.
YOUSSEF ABDULLAH PROTESTER "We hope everyone will work together to get the country out of the hardships it has entered into, and we hope that those who caused the death of our brothers will be immediately held accountable."
Majority of the people expressed emotions of happiness, saying that the agreement has paved way to good leadership.
HASHIM SALAH MATAR FATHER OF KILLED PROTESTER "The agreement that has been reached today is a chance for a new beginning to take Sudan to the place it deserves, and it should open the door to the modern civilian future of Sudan that we have been looking for."
The African Union mediator in Sudan says that meetings will be held to work out the technical details of the deal and discuss the formal signing ceremony.
The protest movement has long blamed the irregulars of the powerful RSF for the deadly violence against demonstrators. Mohammed Abubakar, CGTN.