20th Shanghai International Film Festival opens

By CGTN's Lin Nan

A gathering of international filmmakers and a feast for movie fans, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on Saturday with over 400 movie stars and filmmakers shining on the red carpet.
Famous Chinese actor Liu Ye said: “I've been attending the Shanghai Film Festival almost every year for more than a decade, and won the Best Actor Award last year. I think it is getting more influential globally."
Chinese actor Hu Jun praised: “The Shanghai International Film Festival is the earliest of its kind in China. The organizers are getting more experienced, making it more formal and professional."
The 10-day festival has received over 2,500 film applications from 106 countries and regions, with around 500 films having been shortlisted. The event's four major activities include the award, market, forum and film panorama.
Hollywood producer Frederic Golchan said: "I think they have very good dialogue internationally, I think the more you can bring people, the more exchange with the forum, with some of the guests that you bring, the more you open China to international filmmaker, the better, and vice versa."
The festival has brought a new program to introduce more international independent movies to the Chinese audience.
Julie Delpy, a French actress, hoped to see more and more Chinese films coming to the rest of the world, and European or US films coming to China. Not just big blockbusters, but other films too.
The Chinese film industry has grown rapidly and become more internationally integrated over the past decade. The organizers of the Shanghai International Film Festival have erected a platform for more dialogue and cooperation within the global industry. 
(Photos courtesy of CGTN's Lin Nan)