Hong Kong Riots: Hong Kong protests affect mainland commuters
Updated 21:52, 06-Aug-2019
The unrest in Hong Kong has caused a drop in travelers from the mainland this summer after record numbers visited the region in 2018. CGTN's Lin Nan has more.
Hundreds of flights to Hong Kong International Airport were canceled due to a strike on Monday. The chaos not only left local travelers stranded, but has also disrupted travel from the mainland.
JIANG YUNFAN SHANGHAI RESIDENT "I planned to go to Hong Kong on Tuesday, but my flight was cancelled. I have to rebook a flight to Macao on Wednesday, and my hotel booking in Hong Kong can't be refunded. I lost around 2,000 yuan."
Flights have resumed gradually since Tuesday. However, some mainland visitors are reconsidering their travel plans.
WANG JUE SHANGHAI RESIDENT "I was thinking of bringing my kid to Hong Kong for the summer holidays, as there are many tourism attractions for kids. I am now looking for some alternatives due to the current situation there."
WANG RENCONG, STORE MANAGER SPRING TOUR "July and August usually see a boom in travel to Hong Kong. We have seen much fewer travelers asking for and purchasing Hong Kong travel products."
Hong Kong attracted a record sixty-five point one million visitors in 2018, with nearly four in five coming from the Chinese mainland.
LIN NAN SHANGHAI "Hong Kong has been a popular destination among the mainland travelers since the individual visit scheme was first implemented in 2003."
But the escalating protests and chaos in the city have put off many potential visitors. Spring Tour, a major travel agency on the mainland, has seen a drop of 70% to 80% in its sales of Hong Kong travel products in June and July.
ZHOU WEIHONG DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER, SPRING TOUR "The chaos is not concentrated and has lasted for some time. Travelers want to visit safe and friendly places. We hope that Hong Kong can return to order and rule of law quickly."
Tourism insiders said the situation in Hong Kong may have a longer term impact on its tourism industry with more visitors choosing other, more peaceful destinations. Lin Nan, CGTN Shanghai.