Human rights promotion needs more South-South cooperation, says expert

By CGTN's Dialogue

“Right of development is very important, while duties also play an important role. There is a great chance that consensus among Southern countries and societies are big on human rights,” said Tom Zwart, Director of the Cross-cultural human rights center at Amsterdam Veije Universiteit.
Speaking to CGTN's Dialogue, Zwart said that when drafting the declaration at the South-South Human Rights Forum in Beijing, the ideas of southern countries about human rights not only focus on individuals but also on collective rights.
He also said that cooperation between developing countries to promote human rights development is very important.
“Rule of law is very important and crucial to protect and promote human rights. You cannot imagine that people’s rights can be protected without rule of law,” said Professor Zhang Wanghong from the School of Law at Wuhan University
“When we talk about rule of law, [that means] as long as the judge can [hold a] hearing and make a judgment impartially and independently without any interference from outside,” he added.
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