China-Kyrgyzstan Ties: Beijing helps build a hospital in southern Kyrgyz city Osh
Updated 17:32, 09-Jul-2019
Kyrgyzstan is one of the earliest supporters of China's Belt and Road Initiative and has received significant Chinese investment. CGTN's Michal Bardavid visited one of the latest projects funded by China in the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh.
China is Kyrgyzstan's top trading partner and a major source of investment for its' neighboring country. In an article published in Kyrgyz media, Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated that bilateral trade exceeded 5.6 billion US dollars in 2018.
MICHAL BARDAVID OSH, KYRGYZSTAN "One example of Chinese investments in Kyrgyzstan is the Osh Clinic Hospital behind me. The hospital was built with Chinese funding has the capacity to treat 150 in patients, includes an emergency care unit and is well equipped with the latest technology."
SHAITBEK ABDURAKHMANOV DIRECTOR, OSH CITY CLINIC HOSPITAL "The project cost 25 million 800 thousand US dollars. It covers an area of 23 thousand square meters. The hospital consists of three buildings separated by corridors."
Such projects are especially valuable for Kyrgyz people living outside of the capital. Before it was built, many had to travel to Bishkek to receive many of the medical procedures now available at the Osh Clinic Hospital.
AZIZBEK JUNUSOV DEPUTY DIRECTOR, OSH CITY CLINIC HOSPITAL "Most of the population of Kyrgyzstan lives in the southern region. And people do not always have the opportunity to go to Bishkek to get qualified services. One can even say that the hospital can completely cover the Fergana Valley, as we can provide medical care for the whole population of the Fergana Valley."
The hospital will soon also receive 14 types of new high-tech devices and a new X-ray unit that will allow them to treat patients with vascular diseases. The hospital administration is also planning for future cooperation with China.
SHAITBEK ABDURAKHMANOV DIRECTOR, OSH CITY CLINIC HOSPITAL "At the end of the year we plan to train our specialists in the People's Republic of China. Thirty people will train in China."
Launching projects like the Osh Clinic Hospital that is beneficial for the people of the member states of the SCO is one of the main goals of the organisation. Michal Bardavid, CGTN, Osh Kyrgyzstan.