Spring festival Sechselauten held in Zurich, Switzerland

2018-04-17 20:01 GMT+8

1 / 3   Boeoegg, a symbolic snowman, made from waddings and filled with firecrackers, is seen on the top of a bonfire during the Sechselauten in Zurich, Switzerland, on April 16. /VCG Photo


2 / 3   Sechselauten is a local festival celebrating the end of winter with a parade of gilds in historical costumes and the burning of a symbolic snowman. /VCG Photo


3 / 3   The faster the Boeoegg explodes, the hotter the summer will be based on local traditional weather rules. The burning of the famous snowman took a full 43 minutes and 34 seconds to explode in 2016, which is the longest time on record. In contrast, it took 20 minutes to explode this year, which predicts a poor summer. /VCG Photo

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