2017 World’s Eye on China: China’s big data implementation – Sky Net
In 2017, the Chinese government unveiled its “big data strategy,” and the “Sky Net” system is one of its implementations.
Over 20 million AI-equipped cameras have been installed in China since 2011, able to detect people's age, gender and clothing color.
Police will be signaled if the system recognizes any suspects, thus drastically reduce the crime rate.
Eight forms of severe and violent crimes have decreased by over 40 percent from 2012 to 2016.
“Here I can feel a strong sense of safety,” said Wanma, a Swedish living in the country.
The "Sky Net" system is just a tip of the iceberg of the "big data strategy."
Last week, experts on big data at the police system got together at the People’s Public Security University to share their view on big data usage.
“After five years of integration, the data system in our country has basically unified in format. That’s enough for our machine learning experiences,” said Xu Yunfneg, the person in charge of IT and communications at the Ministry of Public Security.
Researchers at the university also tried to predict terrorist events, with data in Sky Net and from other institutes. Prof. Wu Shaozhong said they have already achieved 94 percent of accuracy at predicting the location, date or other five properties of a given terrorist event.
But the research is still in its initial state.
“We are here to safeguard the achievements of our people, and big data is very useful for that matter,” Xu told the experts.
(CGTN’s Gong Zhe also contributed to the story.)