More Boeing Troubles: CAAC: Safety issues must be solved regarding to faulty parts of Boeing airliners
Updated 17:31, 09-Jul-2019
The Civil Aviation Administration of China has again advised domestic airlines to check parts on Boeing 737 aircraft. This is after reports earlier this month that Boeing had notified the US Federal Aviation Administration of a faulty wing part known as a leading-edge slat track. The faulty part affects Boeing 737 Max and 737 NG airliners. Here's what an official from China's Aviation Administration said about the issue.
GU XIAOHONG, DEPUTY DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL AFFAIRS CIVIL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION OF CHINA "For 737 NG airliners, we have asked domestic airlines to check, report, replace and return the affected leading-edge slat track within the time required. For the 737 Max, we are aware that Boeing has related service reports. The CAAC will pay close attention to the subsequent measures from the FAA and Boeing. All safety issues must be solved before the plane can be restored to service."