Intl. Horticultural Exhibition: Interview with Japanese landscape artist Kazuyuki Ishihara
Updated 19:50, 05-May-2019
When you go to the expo, there is another garden you shouldn't miss. "The Garden of Peach Blossom Land" was designed by renowned Japanese landscape artist Kazuyuki Ishihara. He has won over a dozen gold medals in the world famous Chelsea Flower show in the UK and Queen Elizabeth has called him a gardening magician. CGTN had a chance to sit down with him and get his thoughts on his latest work at the Beijing Expo. Cao Bing has more.
The Peach Blossom Spring, a wonderland depicted in an ancient Chinese legend, is now being brought to life. After first reading the story, the 61-year-old garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara said he felt nostalgic and had memories of his childhood and hometown. Memories that he could never go back to again. He tried to express these emotions in the beautiful, gentle space he has now built.
KAZUYUKI ISHIHARA JAPANESE LANDSCAPE DESIGNER "In such a huge Park of the Beijing Expo, when you get into my garden, the first sound you can hear is the sound of water. As you walk and climb up a slope, the sound gets louder. There you can find a small waterfall on your right, then the sound gets lower as you walk down the slope. Then you go up another slope, and the sound gets louder again. I hope everyone can enjoy this feeling. There are many other places that will also remind people of their childhood."
A Chinese story encounters a Japanese garden. In Ishihara's mind, the blending of the two is a great match.
KAZUYUKI ISHIHARA JAPANESE LANDSCAPE DESIGNER "I think China and Japan could be seen as a whole. The two peoples look just the same. You cannot tell their nationality if they don't speak. In my mind, the word GAR-DEN consists of two parts. First a guarding wall and then an Eden built inside Chinese ancient cities are built in this way. And even the Great Wall is playing a guarding role. The Garden of Peach Blossom Land is also designed under this notion. We have a stonewall outside, and inside you find the land."
To showcase his love of nature and greenery, Ishihara has his own design philosophy.
KAZUYUKI ISHIHARA JAPANESE LANDSCAPE DESIGNER "When we talk about the seasons, usually we mean Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In my mind, the season is presented differently in 365 ways. Expressing seasonal beauty every single day is very important to me."
When asked about the kind of response he wants to get from visitors, Ishihara laughed like a child.
KAZUYUKI ISHIHARA JAPANESE LANDSCAPE DESIGNER "If visitors come and want to take a picture in front of the scenery I would never feel happier."
If visitors like what they see, Ishihara says they can steal any ideas they like, and decorate their homes with them. Cao Bing, CGTN.