Boao Forum for Asia: How can Hainan province further advance its development?
After several years of rapid development, Hainan can now boast a large number of foreigners living and working there. Earlier we spoke with one of them - Mr. Yuval Golan, who chairs a consulting and investment company - and he shared with us his thoughts on how the island province can further drive its development.
YUVAL GOLAN, CHAIRMAN UNIQUE 1 ASIA INT'L CONSULTING & INVESTMENT "In the things where I have experienced in Hainan, there are big changes. One thing to be improved is education. The second would be the cultural products, it has the best weather in China. Other things would be polices. More talents overseas also look opportunities in other cities in China to propose better solution. The fourth pillar is to provide more services in hardware, in infrastructure, in the airport, in the language, in the website, in the promotion, etc."