Alibaba to help Japanese e-tailers step up sales in China
China's e-commerce giant Alibaba will offer Japanese companies a sales promotion tool early next year to help them level up e-retailing game in the Chinese market, the company confirmed on Thursday.
Alibaba will first provide a trial kit to some Japanese companies soon this year.
The marketing tool will take advantage of Allibaba's user data and present retailers a visualized report on user trends and works in sync with their physical stores' marketing data as well. In addition, the tool will help with number crunching and ad distribution, Japan's media Nikkei reported on Thursday.
Alibaba has not shared the selected Japanese companies and specific launch date of the marketing tool so far.
According to a research conducted by Ecommerce Foundation, Japan had its highest e-commerce turnover in 2016, only behind China and the US. By stabilizing its online game in China, Japan will see advantages by selling in both second and third biggest online markets in the world.

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