Palm recognition payment to be tested in Japan
By Guo Meiping
Tired of paying for things with a card or smartphone? A Japanese credit card company is trying to replace existing payment systems with your palm.
Tokyo-based JCB - not to be confused with the British heavy equipment company of the same name - is developing a palm-scanning payment method which it claims will be the most accurate in the world.
Customers who are willing to use this payment method will need to register ahead of time by taking pictures of their palms and linking the images with their bank accounts. 
Without the need for additional terminals, merchants can use their own smartphones to scan customers’ palms.
A trial will be launched in February within JCB’s headquarters in Tokyo and will be limited to a small group that includes company employees. During this period, the company hopes to discover and fix any security problems, such as fraudulent registrations, Nikkei Asian Review reported.
The technology powering the palm-scanning system are from Universal Robot (UR) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. 
JCB said in a press release on Friday that the trial will use UR's visible light palm authentication - a system which has the “world’s highest level of accuracy” at one false acceptance per 100 billion scans - to assess both palm prints and vein patterns.
(Cover picture via Nikkei Asian Review)