Hong Kong Rally: Residents safeguard Chinese national flag at Star Ferry terminal
Updated 17:28, 04-Aug-2019
In Hong Kong, hundreds of residents have gathered under the Chinese national flag raised at the Star Ferry terminal. They saluted the flag and sang the national anthem together this morning. On social platforms, the participants also voiced their condemnation of the recent violence, and called for respect for the national flag.
"I feel very excited every time I see the national flag rising. The prosperity and stability of Hong Kong hasn't come easy. We should try our best to protect and develop it."
"Showing respect to the national flag is just as important as respecting one's parents. If they have no respect for it, it cannot be tolerated."
The rally comes after Saturday's riot where radical protesters tore down the Chinese national flag and threw it into the sea. The incident has caused outrage across China. Hong Kong's former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said on Facebook that the national flag represents the spirit of unity and peace. He earlier offered one million Hong Kong dollars in reward for finding those responsible for the incident. Police have arrested twenty people connected with Saturday afternoon's violence over charges of illegal assembly and possession of weapons.