Hong Kong Unrest: Policeman's wife: My son dares not say his father is an officer
Updated 13:27, 25-Aug-2019
The unrest in Hong Kong has caused emotional stress not only for police, but also their families. CGTN reporter He Weiwei talks to the wife of a Hong Kong police officer, who worries her son will be bullied by classmates and teachers.
WIFE OF HONG KONG POLICEMAN "We feel so insecure. At the moment, I dare not let my child say that his father is a policeman. I have a friend, whose son was isolated by all his classmates because he said 'I support the police', he was even removed from the class's WhatsApp group."
The wife agreed to an interview with CGTN, but asked to conceal her identity to protect her family.
WIFE OF HONG KONG POLICEMAN "My heart hurts by asking my son not to talk about his father's job. For a little boy, the police are heroes. I wish I could take my son to a place where he can proudly say 'My dad is a policeman.'"
Take a look at her neighborhood, you will understand why she feels so scared.
HE WEIWEI HONG KONG "I'm at the entrance of one dormitory building of HK policemen. Here on the ground, you can see something white – it's glue. Previously some radical protesters picked up the bricks on the ground and threw them to the police and the buildings. So local authorities had to put glue here to stick the bricks to avoid similar attacks."
But more serious threats are just invisible.
WIFE OF HONG KONG POLICEMAN "Now more than 1600 policemen's data has been leaked on the Internet. For example, their personal addresses, even the entrance gate passwords. It is terrible. I know a policeman, whose phone number was posted online, and he got harassing phone calls every day. It's insulting."
There are 30 thousand policemen in Hong Kong, frequent protests has overwhelmed the force. They are targeted by radical protesters during confrontations. The wife said she was disappointed at what's happening in Hong Kong, but her husband will not give up.
WIFE OF HONG KONG POLICEMAN "He's still optimistic. He says 'It's easy to give up, but Hong Kong is our home and we must stick to it.'"
Nobody knows how long the unrest will last, and how much stress the police and their families have yet to suffer. HWW, CGTN, HK.