Chinese terminology: Eight-point Decision
CGTN's Li Shengnan
Expensive meals and showy official trips have been banned across China. This is because authorities have made explicit rules on how Chinese officials should improve their work style in eight aspects. 
It was later referred to as the Eight-point Decision.
The decision specifies details of dos and don'ts for senior leaders, such as "no welcome banner, no red carpet, no floral arrangement or grand receptions for officials' visits." 
It follows General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping's call to streamline the bureaucracy and cut waste and extravagance. Party organizations and officials at all levels are required to implement the eight requirements. 
Disciplinary and auditing authorities are also ordered to play their role in ensuring the implementation at various levels.
The eight rules have also come into effect. 
According to official figures, by the end of August last year, nearly 140,000 violations had been investigated, and over 90,000 individuals were punished. 
And for those who sell cigarettes and alcohol, drop in the business have been painful. 
Restaurants once popular with government employees also need to figure out a way to survive.