A Touch of Asia: Culture and Tourism Exhibition presents a vivid Asia
Updated 17:29, 09-Jul-2019
Looking back at the recent Asian Civilizations Week, one exhibition in particular showcased the development of culture and tourism in China and other Asian countries. More than 30 countries and regions, with hundreds of ethnic groups and languages, participated in the event. Yang Yan takes a close look.
Dancers from Cambodia. Woolen blankets and turquoise from Iran. Mutton Shashlik from China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
When you enter the Agricultural Exhibition Center, it's easy to get a sense for all-things Asia. The Palace Museum and the National Museum also presented their popular cultural and creative products. Folk crafts from Guangdong are a big favorite, but when an Afghan girl, wearing a traditional costume appeared, she draws all the attention.
MUSTAFA JAMAL COUNSELOR, AFGHAN EMBASSY IN CHINA "This is not everyday wear, Afghan women wear it in specific occasions, such as wedding and parties. China and Afghanistan are old friends. Every year around ten thousand Afghan people come to visit China, and hundreds of Chinese tourists will visit Afghanistan. We are looking for some agents, who have traveled to Afghanistan and will explain better to other Chinese about Afghanistan."
Laos and Cambodia are Guests of Honor at this exhibition. Entering the Laos section, houses with ceilings from typical Lao temples are everywhere. It's almost like being in Luang Prabang, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meanwhile, the charm of Cambodian dance is eye-catching, not to mention Angkor Wat and other tourist attractions.
PRAK VUTHY, OFFICIAL CAMBODIAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM "Last year we received 2.02 million Chinese tourists, increased of 60 percent. So China ranks the top 10 Cambodian tourism market. This is brilliant, we put all the cultures together, to present a colorful and splendid Asian culture to the world."
ZHANG XILONG, OFFICIAL CHINESE CULTURE AND TOURISM MINISTRY "As the China-Laos Railway launches, exchanges between the two peoples become more and more frequent. Cambodia is one of the top tourist destinations for Chinese tourists, as well as Laos. That's why we choose the two countries as Guests of Honor."
In recent years, China and other Asian countries have seen frequent cooperation, in both culture and tourism. Several large-scale performances in Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were created and directed by Chinese teams and presented by local performers.
Experts say this kind of cooperation, in terms of cultural integration and business value, is crucial for all sides. At the exhibition, there was a special segment showing photos from Asia's World Heritage Sites. Over 200 works showcased a unique, exotic, rich and colorful Asia. YANG YAN, CGTN.