Joint Military Drills: China, Thailand and Malaysia to conduct military exercise
Updated 21:44, 27-Oct-2018
A joint military drill is to be held this weekend between China, Malaysia and Thailand in the Strait of Malacca. On land, the three military forces are undertaking a number of joint drills to build their capacities in peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, and disaster and humanitarian relief. On the waters of the Malacca Strait, the navies of China and Malaysia will conduct exercises. These are the first exercises of this sort since Malaysia's unexpected change of government in May. Rian Maelzer reports from Port Dickson, Malaysia.
A simulation by China's People's Liberation Army showing how to fend of an armed attack on a VIP under escort. Earlier, Malaysia's armed forces shared their expertise in jungle survival techniques as the three-way China-Malaysia-Thailand joint military exercises got underway.
VICE ADMIRAL SYED ZAHIRUDDIN SYED OSMAN JOINT FORCE COMMANDER "It will provide a good opportunity for all of us to exchange ideas and experiences so that we would be able to plan and conduct future exercises for the betterment of our nations' defence forces in operations such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, maritime security and counter-terrorism."
Tabletop exercises focus on a complex security and economic crisis scenario involving a fictitious island in the strait of Melaka. In the field, the countries' forces demonstrated their prowess at various martial arts. Sharpshooters from all three countries also demonstrated their sniper skills for the assembled military VIPs.
LT. GENERAL MA YIMING, DEPUTY CHIEF JOINT STAFF DEPT. OF CHINA'S CENTRAL MILITARY COMMISSION "Let's join hands to raise trilateral military cooperation to a new level and contribute to a deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership."
RIAN MAELZER PORT DICKSON, MALAYSIA "Strategic and military cooperation between China and Malaysia reached new heights during Najib Razak's time as prime minister, so understandably there were questions about the direction the relationship would take with a new government and prime minister taking power."
These exercises will help ease any concerns. China is sending a destroyer and a frigate for the naval exercises that begin later this week. And nearly 600 personnel from Malaysia and 700 from China as well as 50-odd from Thailand will take part on land and sea. Rian Maelzer, CGTN, Port Dickson, Malaysia.