Home service boom in China
With an aging population, the second-child policy and growing income, China has seen a surging need for home services, including housecleaning, maternity care, baby sitter services and care for the elderly. 
In fact, there is a serious shortage of well-trained home service professionals and the unbalanced supply and demand has driven the salaries of housework helpers to an even higher level than that of some office jobs. 
It's not to find an ideal home helper, but China’s on-going digitization facilitates the process. 
Instead of going to agencies and having a face-to-face interview with each candidate, people can check candidates’ information through various apps on their phones and score their performance after hiring them. 
There could be millions of active home helpers in China but only a small portion of them are certified service providers and most of them have never received any official training. 
The good news is that quite a few home service agencies are no longer mere brokers now but also career educators, providing professional skills training to ensure a high quality of  service.