One killed, one injured in building explosions in NE China's Jilin
Updated 14:23, 26-Jan-2019

One person was found dead, and another was injured after explosions were set off in a high-rise apartment building in Changchun in northeast China's Jilin Province on Friday, local authorities said.

The deceased, later identified as a male in his late fifties, set up and triggered the explosives himself, resulting in his own death. 

According to local police's investigation into the incident, the victim, who has cancer, first killed another person he had economic disputes with. He then blew up his car at an underground parking lot of Wanda Plaza and killed himself by detonating homemade explosives in his rented house. 

The local fire brigade received reports of an explosion at the underground parking lot of Wanda Plaza at around 3:13 p.m. (0713GMT) and reports of a blast in an office on the 30th floor of the building at around 3:16 p.m.(0716GMT).

Wanda Plaza is located in the city's downtown area and consists of apartment buildings and a shopping mall.

An eyewitness who was in a restaurant of the mall told Beijing Youth Daily that they heard about 20 explosions and people were told to evacuate from the mall.